save the god

what started of as a way of expressing my fear of the holy yet unholy, turned into a blend of visualisations of my deepest nightmares and horrors. melancholy is the true sensation to be felt.

corrupt, 2017

don’t do it, 2017

fear the drowned man, 2017

draught of dreams, 2018

untamed aliens, 2018

unnamed, 2017

drowning, 2018

unnamed, 2018

unnamed, 2019

discomfort, 2020

what do you long for? 2018

glimpse of loneliness, 2018

calm and controlled, 2018

point the way, 2018

hanged man’s gallows, 2018

love, 2018

agony, 2018

father, son and the judgement day, 2018

polaroid, 2018

recreation room, 2018

pillar at the crossroads, 2018

dreams, 2018

a godless land, 2020