Eigen blik en makerschap - P3
Lesson 1
Lesson 2

At this point I wasn’t sure which story to pick so I went for Puntmopjes as it appealed to me the most at that moment. After having read the other stories a second time I had decided to change my decision to Honingeiland.

the tower of greed
Head & spine in honey jar
Insanity sketch
Insanity sketch 2
Insanity sketch 3
Temple of honey
Honing maniak
Honey heads
Lesson 3

For this lesson we started with the analysis of two characters in our own chosen story.

Character sheet
Lesson 4
Lesson 5

After having shown the left (red) storyboard thumbnails to the teacher, he advised me to make the story more visually interesting by playing more into the gruesome aspects of it. Next I created the right storyboard thumbnails, replacing multiple of the frames that I had initially set out to create. The valuable feedback I had gotten from my teacher definitely put me into the right direction.

Reflecting on the process:

Overall I am quite pleased with how everything turned out, the visual aspects of my 10 frames are consistent with each other which was a huge goal for me to work to. The choices leading up to the final work I am also satisfied with although I could have used my time during lessons more optimally.

Key moments during development were when my teacher advised me to make the story more gruesome and when he told me he was excited with the overall consistency and uniqueness of the story.

Although I am happy with the results I do wish I had tried to experiment more in the way of using different color palettes.